The Google Maps of Go to Market by Max Menke

Everything you need to go to market, engage with your customers and win revenue!

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Stop Improvising and Start Growing Revenue with Intent

Most programs teach you high-level startup theory and waste your time building data rooms and pitch presentations for demo days. This course introduces the structure and hands-on help you'll enjoy in The Revenue Accelerator, the only program entirely focused on helping B2B founders execute proven strategies to win customers and grow revenue. We help you do the work.

Learning and Doing

Be prepared to do much more than simply learn how to find product-market fit

Throughout this course, you will be performing the actual work required to acquire customers and grow revenue. Our comprehensive videos, exercises, downloadable templates and case studies, enable you to apply your learning in real-time.

Your course completion certificate is actual traction in the market, and an invitation to apply to The Revenue Accelerator (please indicate in your application that you completed this course)

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This course - and The Revenue Accelerator - is run by GrowthX, a Bay Area venture capital fund. We operate the Revenue Accelerator to help us find and qualify investment opportunities for our fund and our global network of B2B investors.

“We achieved 250% growth in MRR due to GrowthX MXP and GrowthX Capital invested!”

Julius Nyanda
Founder, HouseKeys

"We were lucky to have the GrowthX opportunity! Our sales increased 400% during the program, and this year we will do 10X our last fiscal year."

Allie Knull
Founder, ResumeFree

“By utilizing MXP Online, Pontem has achieved 3 consecutive months of record revenue!”

Rick Dowell
Founder, Pontem

Course Curriculum

Available in days
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Examples of what you will learn and do

You will be applying everything you learn in real-time with interactive exercises and downloadable templates that will guide you every step of the way as you interact with your market, engage with your ideal customers and win revenue.

Market Message Mapping

Build out comprehensive marketing and sales messaging that translates what your product or service does into language that attracts new business by highlighting the value it creates for your customers.

Ideal Customer Profiles

Identify the behavioral patterns and common characteristics of the people and companies most likely to buy your product and become great customers.

Customer Acquisition Strategies

Identify, outline and prioritize stage-relevant customer acquisitions strategies that will help you accelerate the path to product market fit and acquire revenue with the highest ROI.


Max designed and runs the Market Acceleration Program, the private product-market fit accelerator that’s exclusively available to GrowthX Capital portfolio companies. Max has helped hundreds of startups and thousands of founders from around the world find product-market fit. His market development expertise enables him to help startups find the right customers, messaging and acquisition channels for them to validate product-market fit and scale revenue. Before co-founding GrowthX, Max built the sales technology stack and lead generation playbook for multiple early stage companies. His experience identifying ideal prospects and constructing sophisticated, multi-step email campaigns resulted in a 3-5 X increase in lead generation and overall pipeline development, putting all companies he has worked with on a path to predictable revenue. Max spent several years in China where he was managing director and the only foreign employee of a successful education startup that went from 15 employees to over 200 in 18 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the course fee cover?
The one-time cost includes ongoing access to all content, interactive exercises and downloadable templates.
What can I expect to accomplish?
If you dedicate the time and stick with it throughout the course and complete all of the exercises, you will identify the customers with the highest revenue potential matched with the highest likelihood of winning that revenue.
How long do I have access to the content?
After buying the course you have ongoing access to all of the comprehensive content, interactive exercises and downloadable templates. So, no need to rush through anything.
I’m not a founder but I want to work for a startup, will this course help me?
Yes! The #1 reason why startups fail is spending too much time and money on products without solving a market need. This course will fully prepare you to succeed as an early business hire. It’s the detailed playbook you need to follow to help your startup find product-market fit.
My company sells services, not products, will MXP Online help me?
Yes! Products, services and the markets they serve may all be unique, but the path to finding product-market fit is not. This course is your comprehensive playbook for finding product-market fit for any service or product.