GrowthHackers Conference 2023 Keynotes

Gain invaluable insights from growth leaders at companies like Adobe, Amazon, Etsy, and more, as they share proven strategies, case studies, and industry trends that can transform the way you approach growth.

You will learn how to optimize marketing strategies, harness the power of AI in growth, and drive product innovation in any economy.

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Rose Jia (Amazon) - How to Guarantee Sales and Innovation in Any Economy

Christina Morgan (Adobe) - Beyond the Install: Driving Growth Through Mobile Engagement

Seth Familian (Twilio Segment) - Customer Data Maturity Framework

Matt Lerner (SYSTM) - How to Make Your Customers Feel Like You've Read Their Minds

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GrowthHackers Conference 2022 Keynotes

Hear real, actionable insights on the challenges, frameworks, and results achieved with experimentation brought to you by world-class practitioners.

Prepare for practical ideas you can implement to help your team turn the learnings from experimentation into your next competitive advantage.

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Kyle Peters (Nestlé) - How Legacy Brands Can and Should Adopt Growth Hacking for Innovation

Patrick Campbell (Profitwell) - Lessons From 28,753 SaaS Companies: Value-Based Pricing Strategy

Ethan Garr - (BreakoutGrowth) Predictability: Your Beachhead for Sustainable Growth

Alexandre Suon Perhirin (Henkan Partners) - How to Get C-Level Buy-In for Experimentation

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GrowthHackers Conference 2021 Keynotes

For its 6th edition, GrowthHackers Conference brought together the people behind the experimentation process in SaaS, Mobile Apps, Fintech, E-Commerce, and Services.

Experts from these verticals shared experiments they have tested across each lever in the AARRR funnel, bringing actionable insights on how to structure and execute experiments across the entire customer journey.

Check Line-up and Keynotes

Adam Wright (Beiersdorf) - Building an Effective Growth Team in a Global FMCG Business | Adam Wright (Beiersdorf)

Eric Keating (Appcues) - Product Adoption: Get Ahead of CHURN and Boost Revenue

Sean Ellis (GrowthHackers) - Building a Powerful SaaS Referral Growth Engine

Shanelle Mullin (Shopify) - Compounding Wins: How to Optimize for Ecommerce Activation

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