Growth Content Marketing Course by Dave Shanley

Discover how to unlock the potential of your content marketing from content marketing strategy to content production.

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How can I improve my content marketing?

You might be wondering this. Well, you know your buyers want more content, but you need:

  • A repeatable content strategy
  • A content marketing framework that a whole team can use
  • Marketing messaging and product marketing messaging that's going to convert
  • A way to measure all of your content marketing
  • And a way to prioritize what to get started on and what's next

Oh yeah. I've struggled with all of these and cracked the code with a repeatable framework to define your messaging, your content strategy, and make sense of where to get started (and where to scale).

Welcome to the Content Marketing Course here at GrowthHackers. I'm excited to help you out! 🎉

When you're looking for a content marketing course online to learn what content marketing is and, more likely, to find the best content marketing strategy that you can apply to your business right now, then you don't want fluffy, empty, short soundbites that aren't going to help.

I've put together super extensive templates and captured knowledge that I've earned (through blood, sweat, tears, and a lot of $$$ and time), so you can start to tackle all the questions you have about getting started with content marketing. And ramping up if you're already getting going.

Often, questions come up such as:

  • "How can our messaging break through the noise?"
  • "What's the best/recommended way to start a content marketing campaign?"
  • "What content should we focus on at this moment?"
  • "How can I work productively with freelancers and contractors? Should we work with freelancers for our content?"
  • "What content or channels should I be investing in?"
  • "What content marketing metrics are reasonable for my stage?"
  • "How we build KPIs for content marketing?"

and more. It's tricky to prioritize what to do next when there's so much to do and your content marketing is just a piece (but a huge component!) of your overall marketing strategy.

So, I put together this hands on, roll-up-your-sleeves content marketing workshop for you. I don't want you to waste your time or your dollars pumping out content that no one wants and that will land to zero audience. It's going to take some time from you, but I know the results are going to be worth it 🙌

Here are the sections you'll have lifetime access to:

Intro to building a content marketing engine

I'll introduce narrative storytelling, and we'll focus on value over features. This will help sharpen your skills to building messaging.

Messaging as your content marketing foundation

So many people miss the opportunity to craft messaging that converts. But you won't. You'll start from ahead with refined templates forged in the fire of real-world work and the relentless pursuit of marketing messaging and product messaging that's going to help meet your lead generation numbers.

We'll do some quick tear downs and review how best-in-class companies are approaching their web copy and overall messaging.

How to master content strategy

All tactics and no strategy is the quickest way to failure. A lot of teams end up here in the everyday hustle to get things done, but you'll discover proven methods to put in place to build on your success.

We'll tackle the keyword research, keyword optimization, and SEO skills that you can use upfront -- way before you start to product content.

We'll cover building a content inventory (a content map, doing a content audit) of our existing content, so we can align your efforts with your overall sales funnel and identify content gaps.

I'll walk you through building content clusters and content topics, so you can get all the benefit of your content strategy focus and leave the scattered approach to content marketing in the past. I'll also talk about atomization and how to plan content so you can put the pieces of an ebook, blog series, webinar -- whatever -- together from what you have to break them all apart, so you get the most from your efforts.

How to prioritize content production and analysis

Obviously writing, recording, producing content -- how you execute on your content strategy -- matters, because it's what you're delivering to your audience. It's import when working with content writers and content marketing freelancers that you put together content briefs and run a strong editorial content calendar. We'll cover that and have some tricks to how I measure content impact and content analytics over time.

Make your marketing channels work

In the early days, I often found myself asking: How do you make a marketing channel work? How do I validate that a channel is working?

We'll review the Bullseye framework approach to brainstorming and assessing channel performance and how to amplify our success once a marketing channel starts to produce top of funnel through bottom of funnel leads.

And more

I have some great resources in this course for you, and I hope you'll find that it's seriously the best content marketing course online. I'm excited to walk you through everything!


Dave Shanley is the founder and CEO of Content Camel, a sales enablement and marketing content management tool that helps midsize companies sell better by leveraging their content more. Dave was the technical founder of CrowdCompass and rocketed the company from his apartment to $25M ARR with an exit to Cvent along the way. At Cvent, he saw first-hand the world-class marketing and sales machine that propelled the overall company to record breaking revenue and IPO in 2012. After leaving Cvent in 2015, Dave was the CEO/founder of Notion Data, an analytics company that built a passionate following. He ran growth at Jama Software, a $40M ARR SaaS company, after an acquisition of his analytics company. Jama Software secured a huge $200M investment from Insight Partners while Dave was an exec there.

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