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Lesson Summary

The Growth Master Training Course, led by founder and CEO Sean Ellis, aims to help participants understand key growth fundamentals, run effective growth meetings, establish a testing and learning tempo, and play a key role in reaching the growth potential for their business.

The course covers various topics including:

  • Growth fundamentals
  • The growth process
  • The role of the Growth Master
  • Building a growth team
  • Conducting weekly growth meetings

The Growth Master Training Course is divided into several sections:

  • The first section focuses on growth fundamentals, where participants learn about the different elements necessary to promote growth.
  • The next section focuses on the growth process, which involves testing and focusing on those tests.
  • Participants then learn about the role a Growth Master plays in this growth process and how to leverage that growth.
  • An important section is dedicated to the growth team, where participants learn how to organize and work with the team to achieve growth goals.
  • Finally, participants learn how to put all these elements together and apply the principles of the course to achieve their growth goals.

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